ATBU Released Revised Academic Calendar For 2020/2021 Session

This is to inform the entire University Community (staff and students) That the university as released a revised academic calendar for the 2020/2021 academic session below is the breakdown of the calendar for second semester.

1. 16th June,2021: Resumption All students (1day)

2. 17th-19th June,2021: Registration All students (3days)

3. 21st June – 30th August,2021: Lecture All students (10weeks)

4. 23rd-27th August: Revision/Display of C.A results(5days)

5. 6th -24th September,2021: Second-semester examination(3week)

6. 6th September-8th October ,2021: Marking (5weeks)

7. 11th -14th October,2021: Departmental board meeting (4days)

8. 15th-19th October,2021: Faculty board meeting (5days)

9. 21st-25th October: SBC Meeting (5days)

10. 28th October,2021: Senate Examination meeting (1day)

11. 24th September -11th December,2021: Vacation All students (11weeks)

12. 29th October-10th December,2021: Academic staff annual leave (30days)

13. 12th December,2021: 2021/2022 academic session commence (30days)


Fatima Inuwa Abdulahi

Deputy Registrar/Academics

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