Girls Are Bad – Season 1 Episode 3 [Completed]

Episode 3

He moved his face forward until his nose was right in her pussy. She smelled sweet. He could see the glistening wetness of her need. He inserted a finger, cautiously at first, but when she pushed against his hand, he knew what she wanted. He pushed is finger all the way in and began to finger-fuck her. She moaned. He used two fingers, then three. She was thrusting her hips into him, going for it. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. Deeper. With a harsh scream, she came. He was still as her juices flowed all over his hand. When she was done, he pulled his hand out and licked his fingers. Before he could clean himself completely, she took his hand to her mouth and finished the job for him.

He had made her cum once, but he wanted one more. Jake put his face in there and licked, slowly. He started on one inside thigh and moved up toward her pussy; then past it and down the other thigh. Jules moaned again. “Man, this woman is an animal!” Jake thinks. He knows what she wants. Enough teasing, he goes in there and eats her out. She squirms and wiggles, guiding his tongue where she needs it. Suddenly, she grabs his head and held it, pressing him into her more. She shot her cum all over his face.

He’s got to have her now. He is about to burst in his suit. She senses this and quickly undoes his pants. They fall to the ground as she rips his briefs off. She sees his hard, full cock and her eyes light up. She puts her hands on his ass and pulls him toward her. First, she licks the cock in her face. Jake is not in the mood to play; he wants his cock sucked on and she wants to do it. As he pushes into her, Jules takes it all in. She sucks and licks, playing with his balls as she enjoys him. “Ut oh,” Jake thinks. He’s getting close and what he really wants to do is cum deep inside her. He pushes her head away and pulls her up. He spins her around, against the wall. She understands and braces herself. He lifts her skirt and lines up. His cock is so wet and hard, and she is so wet and ready, it enters with no problem. He enters her with a sudden thrust. She softly screams out. He pulls out and enters again, harder. She bucks back harder. His hands are on her ass, spreading her cheeks so he can have a clear view of himself entering her. Now they are in a rhythm. In and out, fucking hard and steady. “Damn,” Jake cusses to himself. He is very close but wants to hold out longer. This is so hot and exciting, hot sex in a closet with a stranger; a hot, sexy stranger. Too late; he is going to cum. He fucks hard and deep for one last thrust. Jules can sense it and she starts to cum, too. He holds it still inside her and they both cum with a groan.

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They rapidly dress when they had calmed down for a moment. They exchange a short glance and prepare to exit the closet. Jake gently opens the door. There is no one in the vicinity. He sneaks out and makes a signal to Jules. They exit the room; she goes to the ladies room, while he returns to the party.

He rejoins Sally Hanley’s conversation, knowing that the stench of sex on him will be masked out by her perfume. He’s relieved that no one noticed he and Jules were missing. He spots Jules coming to the party a few minutes later and sees her conversing with Bester. If only the old cudger knew, hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee Jules gave him a wink and a fleeting glance.

It was only then that Jakes realized they had spent the entire adventure exchanging just desire moans and no words. He notices she has left the gathering after a while. He gets ready to depart, a little dejected but nonetheless enthralled by the whole thing. He wonders how he’ll vote on the Cunning Ad Associates Group’s proposition as he drives home. That’s correct!

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