Girls Are Bad – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

The meeting came to an abrupt conclusion. Jake, on the other hand, thought it was abrupt because he was lost in time admiring the vista. He stood up clumsily, pushing back his chair. As the old ladies went off to the cocktail lounge, the room quickly cleared. In the room with Ms., he found himself alone.

He hesitated, “Uh, good um, presentation Ms. Titan.” Her laughter was like music to his ears; warm, genuine, yet sexy and sensuous all at the same time.

“Jules. I’m known as Jules “She returned his smile.

“Jules. I’m Jake, and I’m here to help “He used the opportunity to introduce himself.

“Jake. Let’s go get some wine and delight your gray-haired pals.” She walked out of the room in front of him with that. And all he could think about was the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear under that skirt. As she walked out, he noticed the way her wide round ass flowed from side to side easily. He shook his head, realized he was only halfway upright, and stalked her like a rutting buck.

He did try to mingle with his board co-members. Tried. But his attention was constantly on Jules. Where was she? Who was she talking to? Where were those panties? He caught glimpses of her chatting with this old fart and that one, but every time he looked over, she was looking at him. “Shit!” he thinks, “If I have this hardon much longer, I’m gonna have to visit the jon and jerk off.”

Suddenly, she is at his side. “Wanna go for a walk?” she whispered in his ear. “Do I ever!” he thinks to himself. Out loud, he casually says, “Sure. Where to?”

Just then Natasha comes over and asks Jules a question about her ad campaign. Blah blah blah and a few minutes later, Jules grabs Jake’s arm and shuffles him out of the room. As they exit the cocktail room and walk down the exit hall, they both noticed the coat room. A simple glance was all that was needed for agreement. No one was around, so they opened the coat room door and slipped in.

The coat room was not being used at the moment. The coats brought by the other members were all hanging out in the open coat rack by the entrance. Jake felt along the back wall and found the light switch. The room was roomy and windowless. There was a boot bench along the back wall. Without a word, Jules grabbed Jake and pressed her body against his, pushing him against the wall. She pushed her soft lips in his and kissed him. He was stunned and barely kissed back.

She ran her hands along his back, over his ass, around the front and up his chest. Still holding the kiss, she pushed her hands under his shirt and moaned when she felt his skin. “Oh shit oh shit oh shit,” Jake is thinking as he finally remembers how to kiss. Her hands have somehow left his chest and were massaging his crotch.

When he’d just about ran out of air, she pulled back. The look on her face was one of an animal. The soft, professional, conservative look was replaced by one of hunger and passion. “What the hell,” Jake thinks as he throws caution into the wind and grabs her. He pulls her in and runs his hands along her side, then up to her breasts. He boldly grabs her tits. She threw her head back and moaned again. He put his hands on her shoulder and guided her to the bench in the back. Forcefully, he sat her. Next, he got down on his knees and forced her legs apart. He could see that wonderful view of her essence again. This time, he would not settle for a teasing look! He pushed her skirt up to expose her. She settled back, spread her legs wider and got comfortable.

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