My Best Friends – Season 1 Episode 3 [Completed]

Episode 3

Although I don’t have much in the way of breasts, I urged Max to hide his cock in the valley between my 36B tits. I rolled over in the grass and let him straddle me. With his cock in position, I pressed my mounds together to create a cozy haven for his tender flesh. As I felt the helmet of Ben’s cock press against my lips, Max began tit-fucking me.

While Max’s cock glided back and forth between my soft squishy mammary glands, I opened my mouth and sucked Ben’s inside my head. I gulped greedily, expecting a double dose of salty sperm in return.

Max ejaculated first, dripping milky white liquid down my neck and embellishing it like a pearl necklace. Ben was right behind me, stuffing his smelly cum into my mouth.

I greedily swallowed Ben’s cum and squeezed Max’s sperm into my mouth with my fingers, creating a heady concoction of their cum.

They turned their attention to me after they had serviced the gentlemen. Max’s mouth pressed into my exposed pussy. As his tongue made contact with my clitoris, a chill ran up my spine. My hips bucked automatically, shoving my hot flesh against his face.

Ben was busy with his tongue, massaging my tender breasts. He swung his arms around my erect nipples, nipping them between his lips and softly tugging on them. His tongue must have picked up on the lingering odor of Max’s cock?

My orgasm was multi-faceted, thanks to both tongues slapping at my nerve endings. As I handed over my honey to Max’s sucking lips, I groaned quietly.

The guys honored my desire not to bring their cocks inside my love tunnel without being asked. We all had been satiated without the need to be fucked.

We were excellent friends for the rest of the year. I used to do fellatio on the guys while they did cunningness on me on a regular basis

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