My Best Friends – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Another 500 feet to go I took a step out of my slacks. I smiled to myself as I imagined the men’ reaction when they discovered them.

Then it was time to get off of my bra and underwear. As it caresses my nude body, the icy air stiffens my nipples. My beaver is covered in a luxuriant pelt of curly pubic hair, and I am a natural female.

I quicken my pace to keep up with the boys who, I assume, have discovered my discarded sweatshirt by now.

I’d never considered what I’d do if I met someone while going through the woods naked. I figured I’d just have to act unconcerned, as if nothing unusual had happened.

As I reached a tiny clearing, I was shocked to see a doe deer. She stood no more than fifteen feet away from me, her large brown eyes fixed on me. We stood frozen for an eternity, two fragile free spirits alone in our universe. She eventually bounded out into the nearby bushes, oblivious to any threat to her safety.

Figured I better stop and wait for the guys to catch up. It was time for the showdown. I found a nice grassy glade and set myself down on the cold ground. I positioned myself so the guys would get an eyeful when they emerged from the bush.

Max was the first to see me. He was looking right between my open legs.

“Holy crap!” he exclaimed eyes popping out of his head.

Brad was right behind his carrying the rest of my clothes.

It’s about time.” I greeted them, “I’m freezing!”

“We can see that.” Ben said staring at my stiff nipples.

“Well, c’mon, get your duds off.” I boldly ordered.

The guys looked at each other bewildered knowing they would be physically challenged in the cold air.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep them warm for you.” I promised.

They gaze at my breasts, my belly and my own little furry forest. I envision their desires as they check out my cute little rounded ass. The temptation is too great.

Max begins by removing three layers of sweaters, exposing his hairy chest. I’m transfixed as he unbuckles his belt and undoes the buttons on his pants. Slowly, he pulls his jeans and shirt together, revealing his semi-aroused cock. I’m impressed; he’s got at least 10 inches of grade “A” cockmeat in his hands.

Max was trailed by Ben, who was not far behind. He’d already set his erection free from its denim confinement. His cock was a little shorter than Max’s, but it had a distinct curve. Both of them appeared to have been circumcised.

I could tell the boys were fighting the bitter cold. In a gallant attempt to retain their size, they were both caressing their members. I had pledged to assist them in fending off the cold.

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