My Best Friends – Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

It had been a lovely October day. The sun shone brightly, and the sky was a clear blue tint.

We took a walk amid the crunching leaves, taking in the fresh air. The trees were bare for the coming winter, and a lonely Cardinal shouted out from a scraggly Pine, responding to the Blue Jay’s scolding. I’m smitten by the cold, which has a significant impact on my libido.

It was Saturday, and we had chosen to take the day off from school. Max and Ben had persuaded me to join them on an impromptu trip through the university’s surrounding woods.

Max and Ben are two of my favorite classmates. We’ve been friends since the start of the school year.

Max is a Chemistry major who is a big clumsy oaf with a large heart. Ben is the gentleman. He considers himself to be a lady’s man, despite being a handsome star player on the school’s football team.

For our adventure into nature’s playground, we’re clothed in blue jeans. In my hip-huggers and woolen sweater that my Aunt crocheted for me, I’m hardly a fashion plate.

The crisp, clear air and the lack of civilization had a seductive quality to it. I had the impression that we had entered another realm, one where “things” didn’t matter and it was all about discovering new sensations.

The guys were in a good mood, and I honestly didn’t think they were trying to seduce me or anything.

I was several hundred yards ahead of the guys and out of sight. I yanked my Aunt sweater off and tossed it down the trail, where it would be noticed by the gentlemen when they came along.

My perky youthful breasts tense up in the chill air with only my bra to conceal them.

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