NOUN 2021_1 E-Exam Final Timetable [Download in PDF]

The NOUN 2021_1 Final E-Exam Timetable is scheduled to commence from 28th June, 2021 to 15th July, 2021.

The Full Time-Table has been published and uploaded online in PDF.

NOUN 2021_1 E-Exam Final Timetable [Download in PDF]

Find attached the 2021_1 E-Exam Final Examination Timetable.

NOUN 2021_1 E-Exam Final Examination Timetable

Candidates note as follows:

β€’ The start off time for each session.
No late comers should be entertained. β€’ Students should arrive the venue at least 30 minutes before start off time on ETT.
β€’ NCDC Covid -19 protocols must be observed by all candidates.
β€’ All examinations are to be taken as scheduled on ETT.
β€’ A minute late is as bad as 2hours lateness (Except where batching is inevitable)
β€’ All session will end (automatically) as on the ETT.

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