Kiss In The Rain – Season 1 Episode 5 [Completed]

Me: “Jeezz!” I cried, and felt a dam burst. I pulled Julie tighter against me and began grinding uncontrollably as I felt a flood of juices pour out of me. Julie swallowed as much as she could. It seemed like it would never stop. I continued to shake and felt another, smaller, o—-m hit me.
Me: “I’m squirting all over your pretty little face! Oooh yes, s–t, drink it up! Fuuuuuuuck! I moaned as I finally started to come down.
I fell to the floor, shaking, and grasped my cookie with both hands, trying to soothe it after such an intense o—-m, er, orgasms. Julie fell beside me taking deep breaths, gasping for air. Oops.
I chuckled softly. “Sorry, baby, you ok?”
Julie faced me with a grin. “Ok? Are you f—–g kidding me? I’ve never been better!” She rolled me on top of her and my lips crashed against hers.
When she pulled away I let out a shaky sigh, still catching my breath.
Me: “I wasn’t too rough, was I?”
Julie: “I likeit a little rough,” Julie answered. She promptly swatted my ass as proof.
I squeaked in response.
Me: “Ok then, my naughty little vixen. I’ll have to punish you for that.”
Julie’s eyes danced at my suggestion. I disregarded her half-hearted protests of “Oh no, please, don’t!” Even as she said them, she grinned from ear to ear and wriggled beneath me in delight.
I traced a finger up her skin, starting from her sexy belly, around her navel, and watched as the goosebumps that followed my finger to her chest, between her gorgeous breasts, and up to her neck. I softly stroked her from the hollow of one side of her throat to the other. Julie gasped and closed her eyes. I bent my head and left featherweight kisses all across her neck. While I was doing this, I intertwined my fingers with her own and raised them above her head. She did not resist. She was like putty in my hands…and lips.
I trailed my kisses further up the side of her face. When my lips reached her ear I stopped. I said nothing, simply breathed into her ear. I felt her chest rise and fall as she panted beneath me. Her hips bucked up against mine.
I held her hands above her head with my left hand, and with my right, I gently grasped her throat. She moaned and ground her sex against me. I applied a little pressure, just enough to excite her, and spoke softly into her ear.
Me: “Have you been a bad girl?”
Julie moaned and continue to writhe beneath me, but said nothing.
I grasped her throat tighter.
Me: “Answer me, s–t.”
Julie: “Yesss,” Julie breathed. “I’ve been a bad girl.”
Me: “And what happens to bad girls?” I flicked my tongue against her ear and felt her whole body tremble.
Julie: “They get punished,” She whimpered.
I let go of her throat and moved my hand between her legs.
Julie: “Oh!” Julie cried out when I slid my finger into her slit.
Me: “Mmmm, your cookie is drenched, my pet.” I pushed inside of her, feeling my own cookie leak when she clenched around my finger. “Why are you so wet? Does it turn you on to imagine me punishing you?”
Julie: “Yessss,” she breathed.
I withdrew my finger and Julie whimpered in protest. I lifted it to her lips. She looked at me for a second before parting her lips, and s—–g my finger into her mouth. She licked her own juices clean, keeping eye contact the whole time. F–k, she was so sexy! I leaned down to get a taste for myself, my kiss hard and demanding.
I sat up and licked my lips.
Julie: “Yummy. I think I want more.” I slid off of her and moved between her thighs. She was completely shaved, allowing me to see every inch of her pretty pink cookie that was now mine to explore. I kissed her m—d and s—-d one of her lips into my mouth. I ran my hand across her as I nibbled her inner thigh.
Julie: “Please!” Julie moaned.
I thrilled at the exclamation, and at my ability to make her beg.
Julie: “Don’t tease me, baby. I’m so wet for you. I want you so bad.”
Me: “But you haven’t received your punishment yet,” I replied.
Julie: “Punish me then! Please. I deserve it.”
Me: “Why?” I asked. I licked my way up her slit and heard her long, slow moan.
Julie tasted so good as she came into my mouth, I couldn’t hold all of it and some of her girl c-m dripped out, trailing down my chin. She pressed my head away, signaling that she was finished. I settled down into her bed and pulled Julie closer to me, hugging her as I fell asleep with my lover.
Mercy suffered a high rate of STDs and HIV AIDS few months later due to the unprotected sex she encountered with Julie. The various engagement of lot of fondling, intense fingering, mouth-to-v—-a sex intercourse and mouth-to-anus sexual intercourse in which she s–k up vaginal and anal fluids of her partner whom she was not sure of her partner sex life because Julie was as well been bisexual (sleeping with both men and women) led to this.
According to research/record, do you know that lesblans never keep one partner. They get down on you, s—–g up all vaginal and anal fluids while fingering with either dirty hands or unsterilized sex toys that must have been used by another encounter, thereby making the circulation of STDS and HIV amongst them to be on the high side.

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