Kiss In The Rain – Season 1 Episode 4

Kiss in the rain episode 4
Julie brought in some coconut oil for the action. We first started kissing passionately.
Me: “Oh, yeah?” I grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head. Then I took her mouth with mine. This kiss was anything but gentle. It was hard, fevered, demanding. And it was hot as hell!
Julie bucked her hips up against mine and I groaned into her mouth. That only seemed to stir her up more and before long we were dry humping like f—–g rabbits.
I let go of her wrists to unhook and remove my own bra. Then I pulled Julie up into a sitting position so I could take hers off, too. I was usually submissive in bed, and considering this was my first girl-on-girl experience with her, I had no idea where all this dominance was coming from (maybe the experience with Funke). But Julie seemed to like it and I was feeding off ofher lust.
With Julie’s breasts bared to me I pushed her back down again to drink them in. They were about a C cup, just enough to fill your hand, or your mouth if you were so inclined. Her nipples were already hard as rocks, and they were pierced with small silver rings that I thought were sexy as hell. I wanted to tease her a little but I was too f—–g turned on to wait. I wasted no time taking her n—-e into my mouth.
Julie: Ohhhh yyeeaahhh!
She cried out and threw her head back as I s—-d it hard, while flicking it with my tongue. I reached up to roll the other n—-e in my fingers.
Julie: “F–k!” Julie screamed. You are just too good baby girl. She confessed
Her fingers went to my jeans, fumbling with the button while I distracted her with my fingers, tongue, then teeth as I lightly bit the hard n—-e in my mouth before switching sides.
Julie: “Jesus, you’re good at that,” Julie said as she finally got my button undone and pulled down my fly. She anxiously pushed my waistband down and made a frustrated groan when she couldn’t get them down any further. I laughed before standing to take them off. Thank god she was only wearing a skirt. I yanked it off quickly before pulling her up with me into another kiss.
There I was, standing there with my best friend, each of us clad in only our panties. Mine were red lace to match my bra and hers were cute little blue boyshorts that left the bottom of her ass cheeks exposed just enough to drive me wild. I cupped her sexy ass as we stood there making out, pulling her into me.
Julie reached between us and slid her hand between my legs, caressing my inner thigh and drawing a loud gasp from me.
Julie: “My turn to play,” Julie said, a devilish gleam in her eye.
She slowly dropped to her knees and softly explored my sex, her fingers sliding up and down my slit through the soaked lace. I trembled with desire and anticipation. Her finger found my hardened c–t and my knees shook. It took more strength than I knew I had to remain standing when her tongue replaced her finger.
Julie must have been anxious to really get to the goods because she tore at the lace and ripped straight through my panties. I cried out when she dove in, her tongue lapping all the way up my slit. “F–k! God!”
Julie’s moan was muffled but the vibration further heightened my pleasure.
She inserted her tongue deep into my center and wiggled it around until she found the sensitive spot she knew would drive me wild.
Me: “Oh god! Yes! Don’t stop!” I knew I was being loud but I didn’t care.
Me: “F–k yes, that feels so good! Tongue f–k my tight little p—y!” I threw my head back and tugged on my own nipples. I could feel my c—-x nearing already.
Julie’s hands gripped my ass hard and she pulled me to her until her face was completely buried in my cookie.
Me: “Goddamn, f–k, yes, oh, f–k, Julie, GOD!” A string of curses poured from my mouth as pleasure coursed through me. I grabbed Julie by her hair and began to grind on her face. I could feel her tongue moving inside me, her fingernails digging into my ass cheeks, and the pressure building up inside me all at once. It was the most intense pleasure I’d ever experienced.
Julie pulled her face away to drink in a few breaths of air.
Julie: “I want you to smother me with that delicious c–t and c-m all over my f—–g face” she growled before diving back in.
Me: “F–k! Ah! You’ve got filthy little mouth on you, baby.” I gyrated harder on her face and found myself enjoying a little dominance.
My c–t was so wet I could hear the sloppy sounds it made sliding back and forth. And Julie lapped it up like she was dying of thirst.
Me: “Only a dirty little s–t would let me smother her with my p—y. Is that what you are?” I yanked her back by her hair and she gasped for air. “Are you a s–t?” I demanded.
Julie: “Yes!” She responded quickly, lust raging behind her eyes. “I’m your dirty, filthy, nasty little s–t! Use my mouth like the w—e I am!”
Me: “Then finish eating my p—y, s–t!” I yelled as I dragged her back between my thighs. This time I wasn’t letting go until I came. “F–k! I’m so close! Tongue f–k me, baby. Yes! Jesus, God, just like that! I’m going to c-m so f—–g hard all over your pretty little face! Are you ready for it s–t? ooohhh yeeeaahh, this is twice as wetttt”
Her only response was a muffled, lust-filled groan. The pleasure was almost too much! I couldn’t take it! My knees began to shake and all my muscles clenched. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t make a sound as the pressure built higher and higher, until it exploded in a massive wave of ecstasy.
Me: I will neverrrrr go baccckk to Segunn ooo.. Ooooohhh Yeeeaaaahhhhh! I love you Juliiiieeee.. you are too gooddd. I confessed uncontrollably

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