My Dream Woman – Season 1 Episode 4 [Completed]

My dream woman 4

Episode 4

“It’s crazy how attentive you are,” she says after a burst of laughter.

“Moreover, you wanted to move away from your family as far away as possible and thus you attended a far-away college. Again, due to your attachment to city, you joined a college town that closed to a medium size metropolitan city, which was not dissimilar to your hometown.”

“I have not thought of that myself.” She looks really surprised.

“Your husband is probably someone whom you met in church. He might not be that kind of low-end beer-drinking frat-boy, but would be someone not culturally knowledgeable nor had a wide worldwide view. You are also not very satisfying with your sex life as it is boring and routine.”

She looks at me in astonishment.

“I understand that you are dissatisfied with your body, especially your boob size. But believe me when I say that your A/B-cup size looks fantastic on your body. Please don’t succumb to the lure of a boob job. I am concerned about you and do not want you to suffer in vain.”

Her eyes widened in surprise; she couldn’t believe I knew what she was thinking. Even her husband is unaware of this. Finally, she inquires, “How do you know what I’m thinking? I haven’t even begun my quest for facts!”

With my hand on her pear-shape boob, I speak softly, “Again, this is because I care about you a lot. I notice that you sometime wear tight clothes with larger-than-normal boob, while other times your breast is relatively flat. Thus I know that you would like to have a bigger size to project your sex appear and self-confidence. Also, sometime you will appear in blonde, another reflection of your desire of being sexy.”

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I can’t stop licking her breasts because they’re so sweet and tender. She’s closed her eyes, as if she’s loving my kissing shower while also contemplating her intense sexual desire. My member returns to a state of alertness as a result of my excitement. She notices it, gives me a sly grin, and rolls over to deal with it. She begins licking from the base/ball and works her way up this time. I can see her hole is dripping with love potion, so I spend the whole month covering it. I almost choke on it as I suck it furiously.

Suddenly, she stops and says, “laid down and I want to ride you.” I am too happy to comply, and she is on reverse cowgirl. This time, I have a good view of her round-but-slim ass: marble white perfection with neither mark nor tan line. I put my hands around her and start massaging her clit. She becomes extremely excited and screams orgasmic joy words.

Now, both of us are lying on the bed in a spoon position to cool down. Suddenly, I hear a voice, “Now you have what you wish for. She will love you as a person because you are the one who really understand her. I’ve done my job and you will not hear from me again. Of course, you will also lose your mind-control power. Adieu! Monsieur!”

She turns over and says, “Before I can respond to this sudden growth,” she says “I have the impression that I can completely relate with you, and that you are the only one who really understands me. I want to talk to you, chat with you, hug you, kiss you, make love to you, and more, even though I can’t leave my husband. What are your thoughts?”
My reaction time this time is calculated in nanoseconds.

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