My Dream Woman – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Now I’m fully immersed in my dream world. I’m standing in front of my long-desired lady, and everything about her, even a simple single-color dress, is so well-matched and appealing. We kiss and embrace, and then I slowly undress hers, which is the most sexy part. I unbutton her shirt one by one, revealing her white lace bra in a half-size. Then I unzip her skirt and examine her white panty with soapy wet pussy up close. Her beautiful body is in front of me after I remove both her bra and panty.

Her creamy white skin and standing tits, as well as the brown natural forest, is just too much for me. Without waiting for my command, she starts making me cloth-less as well, exposing my fit body and now attentive dick.

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We take a seat on the bed and begin a vigorous β€œ69” workout. I’ve had several wet dreams about this, and now I can finally get my month wet. Her clit is so responsive that when I taunt her with my teeth, it explodes. Later on, I learn that she has never been eaten before.

β€œHow about we swap places? I’d like to see your body move up and down.” I say something to her. As a result, we take on the role of a cowgirl. What a spectacle! Despite the fact that her boobs are tiny, they can still leap like bungee jumpers.

Also, with her well-proportioned body, 34B-25-35, it is more than enough to get me almost to the edge. Finding a gap in my exhausting breath, I tell her to stop because I want to doggy her.

Now that her pussy has been thoroughly lubricated by her juice and my cum, slipping in and out is a breeze. I notice that she is really tight, which I believe is due to her weekly workout. Every stroke takes my little head from the clit to the end of her love tube, and I’ve never felt so giddy before. I can no longer hold my breath after minutes of rapid-fire assault and fire a white stream. At the same time, she’s letting out an explosive orgasmic scream!

I’d like to ask her something in the afterglow. As a result, in our β€œcasual” talk, I order her to give me a truthful response.

β€œI have been your admirer for sometime, and I am obsessed with both your inner and outer beauty.”

β€œI am overwhelmed. I don’t think that high of myself. What makes you think that?”

β€œLet’s begin on the inside. My guess is that you grew up in an upper-middle-class family in a suburban with conventional values and environment that was neither too large nor too little. You’re a typical obedient girl with a rebellious streak.”

β€œHow did you figure that out?”

β€œI saw your adorable tattoo.” I circle the region of her smooth skin with my finger.

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