My Dream Woman – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

I arrive at work as normal, and she is already working in her office on the usual tasks. I’m considering: “N is going to summon me to her office. She’ll be horny and seductive, but the location is far too accessible for action. As a result, we’ll do it at lunch.” As planned, she walks into my office after I’ve finished my thinking and asks, “Could you please come over for a few moments? I’d like to know what you think about that.” Of course, I am well aware of my own thoughts.

She locks the door behind us, shuts the blind, and gives me a devilish smile once we’re in her office. She’s dressed casually in a light blue sweater, a knee-length business suit, and a two-inch heel. A few buttons have been strategically unbuttoned to draw attention to anything. Only looking at her makes me want to listen to hard rock. I take a seat in the guest chair, and she takes her normal seat across from me. She unbuttons the next two buttons on her shirt to reveal her cleavage from above. She bends over to give me a glimpse of her white lace bra, as though I can’t see it, and whispers seductively, “Do you like it?”

“Yes, more than anything.”

“I don’t know why but I am so attached to you that I want to fuck you now. But there are too many people outside. Why don’t we get together around lunch?”

“Sure, anywhere, anytime”

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“Great. But I am going to give you an a la carte first”

She crawls down below her desk to meet me from below, much to my surprise. She touches my trousers with her wonderful hands. She then unzips my fly and extracts my now-hardened dick. “It is stunning. I’ve never seen an Asian cock before, but it appears to be the correct size. It appears to be very tender and tasty!” She swallows my seven-inch brother into her warm month with a single act. She was raised in a Christian home and her husband is also a fundamentalist, but she isn’t an authority on blowjob. She is very WASP and does not associate with people of other races except in a business environment or for sexual adventure.

I am not sure if this is her first blow “trial”, but it does feel very good. When I see her blue eyes looking up on me, the whole scene is too surreal. She has tried very hard to serve me but I can tell she is not experienced at it at all. So, I said, “I am going to cum and I don’t want to get your shirt dirty. Therefore, you have to close your month and drink all. Do you understand?” She nods her head and brinks her eyes to acknowledge. Finally, I loose my control and blast all white drink into her throat. As instructed, she licks them all with a satisfying smile.

When the lunchtime comes, we go to a nearby restaurant separately so as not to arouse any suspicion. I am not that much interested in the food, as she is my meat. Afterward, we go to a hot tub and get a room for hours of fun.

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