My Dream Woman – Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Sonia is both a coworker and a dream for me.

She stands about 5’6″ tall and weighs 110 pounds, with an A to B cup size breast and short brunette hair, though she sometimes goes blonde. Her look is similar to the lead actress in the TV show “Cold Case,” but she is more average, less glamorous, and no less attractive. Her sweet voice, like her laughter, is enthralling. I’m not sure why, but she has me absolutely smitten. I can’t help but keep a constant eye on her.

I’m walking along the shore of a nearby beach one day when I notice a peculiar object in the sand. It resembles a Coca-Cola bottle, but it’s etched with characters I’ve never seen before. Curiosity drove me to pick it up and polish it. I wanted to open the bottle because it has a corkscrew-like twist at the end of one side. When I open it, I notice a heavy perfume scent enveloping my body. I’m in the middle of an ecstasy shower. “Thank you for freeing me,” she says in a soft voice speaking directly to my mind.

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I am a spirit from an old forgotten world. I enjoyed love and lust so much that my fellows became so jealous that they had to lock me up inside that container. I promised myself that whomever free me will deserve my service. I can help you to get any woman you like. The chosen one will love you to the fullest extend. I believe in love and lust and I want to fulfill your desire. Do you understand?”

I am dumbfound and speechless; I have never expected, or even dreamed of something like this can happen. So I don’t need to think twice to say yes. “Don’t say anything. Our minds are connected. You only need to think and I will know it. Of course, if you have any evil thoughts, I will know it as well.” Said the spirit.

I’m willing to put this newfound power to the test on a nearby topic first. When I go to a video rental store, I see a young brunette girl who is medium built and has 36C tits. “She will greet me, inform me that they have a new video, then take me to the back office, where she will beg me for sex,” I imagine. I enter the store as normal, but I notice her eyes have brightened. She’s now pleading with me to go see their newest addition. There aren’t any other customers around, which is fortunate.

Once we have gotten into the office, she knee down before me instantly and free my member. She applies everything her month has to over my shaft and balls. I am so excited that I almost brow up in her month. I tell her to stop and she obeys it. I ask her to remove her clothes first so that I can get a good look of her body. Without hesitation, she removes her loose T-shirt, the tight jean, and both the bra and the panty. Now, she is fully nude and so do I. We hug and kiss till our bodies mingle with each other. Since she is a petite woman, I can hold her up and get into her while I am standing. She gets so excited that her face is blushed with crimson red. Her “underneath” control is amazing and my member is being massaged joyfully. After a couple minutes of intense action, I let go of my control and fill her hole with our love potion. Both of us get dressed afterward with happy faces.

I am now fully satisfied with this amazing power, and I thanks the spirit for it. Today, I am going to use it on my object of desire.

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