F*cking My Cousin – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

My cock fully erect I pushed in as far as I could go, I could feel her vagina muscles around my cock tightening I knew that feeling as I felt it before.

I started kissing her lips and her neck when she whispered, “Do not kiss me please.” With one hand I took out one of her gorgeous breast massaging her with passion and excitement.

It did not last long, I pulled out without cumming, I just could not. The fear of getting caught and the risks were overwhelming to continue.

The price we both risk paying was too great. She has the nicest pussy that I have ever fucked.

We are both alive I am seeing her as we are couple of months away from 70 years old

She is still a pretty lady, recently I visited her and we spend a day together I started conversation reminding her about our childhood hoping that I could fuck her one last time and I would not mind dying with the full satisfaction of fucking her once more.

I am working on it. I can fuck you know, do not underestimate my ability despite my age. I would be 70 in August.

Note: Cousin’s husband passed away 6 years ago, so do not think you pervert that I would fuck her if her husband was alive I am not “that into the sin.” My wife also passed away, so there you go you little motherfuckers.

°°° THE END°°°

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