F*cking My Cousin – Season 1 [Episode 2] 18+ Only

But later it would prove that she liked me caressing her pussy. We would play hide and seek as she would come to my hiding place waiting for my fingers in her little hairless pussy. That was going on every time we are together. We both reached the age of puberty. She would allow me to play with her pussy and her now short red-yellow pubic hair, and sometime sticking two fingers inside her vagina.

We both reached eighteen her boobs become rounded small and well formed. I wanted to fuck her but we could never be alone. It was summer time. She already had a boyfriend who becomes her husband. Finally it happened, I come to visit and she was home alone cleaning the house. I sensed that she wanted me to fuck her but honestly I did not have courage and did not know how to go about initiating sex.

She was doing something around the bed, when suddenly she whispered something, to this day I am not sure what exactly she said. I just nodded, I could feel my cock jumping up in my trousers. She lay at the edge of the bed her skirt comes up as she lifted up right leg folding it revealing what I wanted to see for years. First I saw was her fine red pubic hair. Her pussy lips were closed up I could barely see a small hole at the bottom of her pussy lips.

For the first time I have seen her beautiful asshole. Everything was perfect that day. Without taking trouser off I unzipped and pulled out my already erected penis. It did not escape me that she took a good look at my size. The position on the bed was awkward as I was in fear that somebody could walk in on us, one of her legs folded was on the bed while the other was almost touching the floor.

My left leg was between her legs, with the right leg on the floor. Despite the awkwardness of my position I took my cock in left hand searched for the opening and entered her pussy. God I was in heaven so was she.

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