BREAKING A D!CK – Aftermath of Valentine – Season 1 [Episode 3 – 4] +18 Only

I’ve had a hamstring in one or two occasions before; but nothing as painful as I was feeling now. I’ve had one painful hamstring inside the swimming pool of Marble Arch hotels; at the 14 feet side. It was more of a terror than pain. I was scared I was going to die as I couldn’t flap the legs to keep afloat. I was drowning slowly as I beat my hands on the water to see if I could maintain buoyancy. I was lucky to be swimming near the edge of the pool; with more flaps of hands, I was able to grab the edge and ease out of the pool. That was just a terrifying experience; what I was having right now was a painful experience! Pain was more agonizing than terror!
My heart kept pounding as I started sweating profusely. I still clutched my thighs and screamed agonizingly. At this stage, my girl was terrified. She asked again if she broke it and I shook my head once more.
“I have a hamstring!” I managed to say between closed teeth and clenched fists.

“Ham…what?” She asked; oblivious of the effect of thigh muscle contraction.
“Muscle-pull!!!!” I screamed in the language she’d understand.
“Is it paining you?” She asked.
At that moment, that was the most stupid question I’d ever heard! But thinking about it right now, I felt she was scared and didn’t know what to say or do.

The pain was excruciating. I tried to straighten my leg but it was as if the muscles of the thighs were welded together with an iron electrode. I clutched on the thighs for few minutes, trying so hard not to scream out my lungs. She applied pressure on it and it seemed to be lessening the pain. I lay on my belly as she continued applying pressure on it.

BREAKING A D!CK – Aftermath of Valentine – Season 1 Episode 4 +18 Only

Well, it took a full 45 minutes before the muscles unlocked. I finally managed to sleep when it did.
This morning, my girl was all smiles; a mischievous smile. I asked why she was smiling and she burst into full laughter. She said she broke me last night and it was a big deal for her. She said each time we have sex, she’s the one doing all the screaming.

“Listening to you scream last night made me feel like a super-hero.” She concluded between smiles.
Well, no need to burst her bubble. I let her bask in the euphoria of breaking me. No need to tell her it was the football activity I engaged in the previous evening that led to the hamstring. She’s feeling fly like little grey and I’m all like Dr sloan. I’m grateful it was my thighs and not the dick that got broken.

Right now, the thought of that very-painful experience is scaring me away from sex. I feel I would get the cramps again if I engage in sex; so I’m staying off for a while. But not for too long; a sex addict will always be a sex addict; hamstring or no hamstring; we’ll keep fvcking!


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