BREAKING A D!CK – Aftermath of Valentine – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 2] +18 Only

Friday was to be a special Val for me. I had it all planned out; it was a friday and I arranged leaving work on time. My sweethrt had come in the previous day and all was set for the blissful val. Double date with my friends and their dates; hang out; shoot pool, play chess while the ladies gossiped. Then this crazy idea of playing football came in from one of my friends and we bought the idea. We got a ball, dressed with our sports kits and headed to a nearby school field.

It was a great evening! Played ball while the ladies watched and urged us to kick some balls. With passion to impress our ladies, we were trying to outdo each other. We played out our hearts; taking short breaks to gulp chilled water and refresh our supply of mints and chewing-gums. There was this bizarre moment when my friend scored a goal and decided to strip naked in celebration mood. Lol…not stark naked; he had his pants alone! It was fun watching him run around the pitch half-naked while his girl screams and runs after him, picking up the clothes he discarded on the process.

The val night was an anti-climax. Not much fun. Every joint we hit had a mammoth crowd inside. We kept driving from one joint to the other to find a convenient place. In some joints, it was hard to even get a sit; to get an attendant and worse still, to get a cold drink. We tried out the night clubs and it wasn’t any better. We letter settled in at a VVIP section of a night pub. It was okk…ate, drank and danced till we got tired and drove home. It was fun…

BREAKING A D!CK – Aftermath of Valentine – Season 1 – Episode 2

Now here’s the weird part…
I got home with my sweethrt. Showered and got ready for bed. Although we both were exhausted, we decided to ruffle the sheets a bit before calling sleeping off. Started with the usual ritual of foreplay, got her in the mood with the smooth caress and gentle strokes of the fingers. Teased her nipp’le.s to wetness while she stroked my back and thighs. I glided into her effortlessly as she spread her thighs wider to receive all my thrust. Slowly and steadily, I rocked my way into her; easing in and out slowly to let the pleasure sink in. After few minutes of continuous thrusts, I turned her around as she knelt on the bed, pointing her ar’se towards my hips in anticipation for the next style… I knelt, held the ar’se and patted it slightly as I slid in; this time, hitting it hard as she let out light moans.

Then something snapped…
I felt an excruciating pain on my laps. It was as if my thigh muscles was about to erupt in flames. It twitched, contracted and went into spasm all at once. I let out an agonizing pain as I pulled out of high and fell on the bed clutching on my thighs. She stared at me with confusion in her eyes. She asked if she broke it…
Well, the previous day when she came, we both watched the 5th season of Gray’s Anatomy; the episode where Dr Sloan broke his dckk muscles while fvckiing little grey. Dr Sloan was a renowned flirt at Seattle Grace Hospital who, just like me, loves sex a lot that he could do it anywhere, anytime, anyday, with anyone. When he started flirting and fvcking with the younger sister of Dr Grey, little Grey, they started engaging in spontaneous sex. This faithful day, they hid in the call room and hit it off; only for the rough sex to backfire on Dr Sloan’s dckk and it broke. The situation was almost same as mine. The screams from Dr sloan was almost same way I was screaming last val’s night. The same horrifying look on little grey’s eyes was the same on my girl’s eyes. Same question little grey asked Dr sloan was same my girl was asking me now….

“Did I break it?”
I was still in pains but I managed to shake my head. I wasn’t clutching on my dckk; it was still very much erect and ever ready for more action. I was clutching on my thighs; I had a hamstring; a very painful one.

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