The Party Night – Season 1 [Episode 3]

Chapter three
He wriggled himself down her body. He tugged at her skirt and she reached for the zip and unfastened it. The skirt went down to her feet. There, he pulled off each sock and lightly bit each toe. Her feet had the smell of someone who’d been standing for most of a concert – as did her armpits and body. He didn’t let himself be put off – this was for her pleasure as well as his. And I probably smell the same, he thought with a smile.
Kaisha was taken aback and jerked her legs up. He gently but firmly brought them down, then kissed his way up each leg, tickling behind her knee (she jerked again and laughed a funny, deep laugh), then up the top of her plump thighs. He could feel little wriggles of pleasure in her. She ran her hands through his hair.
“Ahh, Robin, I knew ye’d be good for me! Everywhere you touch feels good!”
“Keep telling me that. If you don’t like something, you have to say.”
“If I can still talk!” Kaisha became more urgent, gripping his head and forcing her legs apart. The scent of her rose up, a mixture of the old sweat and a new arousal. He studied the mat of curly hairs, tapering away beside each side of her pussy. Peeping out of the lips was a single flap of shiny, moist skin. It was almost cute. He wanted to play with it, feel it in his mouth. Kaisha flexed her thighs and pulled his hair one way and another. She seemed to be guiding him in, but pushing him off at the same time.
“Do you want me to…”
“Yes, but you won’t like it! I feel, funny down there…”
“Not just aroused? Anyway, let me be the judge of what I like!”
He slid his hands along her thighs and noticed how wet she was. Not wet – drenched. Her juices were down her legs and around her buttocks. Her skin shone in the dim light.
Robin slid into the sticky hairs, separating the folds inside. Her pussy was open again, this time bigger and softer. Inside the outer lips, her inner ones revealed the little hood over her clit, above her vagina. Her juices were everywhere. Alec reached in with his tongue and lightly stroked her inner lips, playing with the extra long one. He felt her rocking her pelvis, then suddenly tugging on his hair. He looked up to see her anguished face.
“Robin, I’m sorry, I, don’t want–
Robin lifted his head. “Don’t be sorry, just say it. I’m glad you told me. ”
“God I’m so sorry, I just don’t… and I’m worried what you’ll think.”
He made his way back up to her face. “I’ll think, she doesn’t like it, so I should respect that. This is about the two of us, not just me getting my rocks off on you. Don’t mix up those bad pornos with real sex, will you!”
Kaisha blushed, but didn’t answer. Robin could tell she had mixed them up. Time to lighten the mood a bit, he thought.
Playfully he kissed and nibbled her ear. She shrugged and laughed her deep laugh. He played in her pussy, making her wriggle down there as well. He scraped his teeth along her shoulder and up her neck, while his fingers found their way between the folds of slippery wet skin, stroking and stretching and rustling the hairs. She revelled in all the sensations, while her own hand, which wasn’t sure what to do, stroked her leg and his own.
Robin himself wasn’t sure what to do. He wanted to make Kaisha happy. He was pleased to be offered the sex, but he couldn’t stop thinking of his “responsibility” to her… should he lead the way somehow? She was asking him, pleading with him to be her first, but she was drunk. Was he feeling pity for her? Besides, he was drunk too. The other voice said, fucken get ON with it man! He was confused.
He thought of his own first time, at a party at someone’s house. He wasn’t expecting anything to happen, when suddenly it did. He had been flirting with a girl, who told him to “chase her”. He did, really for the fun of it, again not expecting anything. Then she took him into a bedroom. He could still recall the excitement and anxiety as she took off his clothes. Then the care she took when she realised she had a virgin on the bed. He would never forget it. And now it was his turn.
Kaisha interrupted his thoughts by pulling his head down onto her chest. He realised he’d tuned out briefly. He looked down her pale body, over her large, rolling breasts, her soft tummy with its deep belly button to her wide hips and legs. It was a figure you’d never see modelling a bikini or stiffly propped up in a store window, but Robin saw it could be sexy. Her legs rose and fell with her mounting excitement. She was unconsciously rocking her hips, or clutching him. He realised she was leading him in a way, squeezing his hand with her thighs, then opening to give him more of her. When she twitched her chest her breasts rolled around in random ways. He enjoyed all her little movements.
She was breathing harder now and her skin felt warmer. One hand roamed over her body or rested on his hand as he worked her pussy. The other was behind his head, fingers locked in his hair, pulling hard, almost painfully. Little, deep sighs were coming out of her. Her arousal was turning him on. He was remembering the pleasure of having a girl coming in his arms.

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