The Party Night – Season 1 [Episode 2]

Chapter two
“I know I can piss people off, but I can’t seem to help it. I reckon you’re the only one who’s always been nice to me.” Robin felt a twinge of guilt at the thoughts he’d sometimes had about her. She fumbled for the bottle but spoke before she could find it. “Everybody’s always on about sex. The songs, the movies, the internet, and look at ’em in there!” She waved the bottle towards the partygoers. “So I want to see what it is. I want to do it. I want to have some sex!”
Robin’s mind was in a whirl. A part of him was urgently calling, oh yeah man, let’s do this! Make the most of it! Take her before she changes her mind! Another part was trying to work out a place or a time. Another, higher part was saying, wait a minute, you can’t just take advantage of her, what sort of guy are you?
His body had made its mind up already and nearly derailed his thoughts.
“Kaisha, it’s not that simple…”
She gave a harsh laugh. “Ye think? I know, I know. It’s all mad, but I’m going to do it. Now. This has to be tonight, and no more, and I know I might get myself in a hopeless tangle and fall head over heels for ye. There’s another few girls here who’d like to get to know you a whole lot more, judging by their conversations. And there’s a few you’re interested in, and I’m not one of ’em. But I reckon you’re pretty keen on anything in a skirt?” Although she was drunk, she was very accurate with her assessment of the situation – and himself. He warmed to her.
She rested her head on his shoulder. He could feel her breath, panting slightly. He could feel her warmth, her pubic bone against his leg.
She looked up at him. Her vision briefly cleared and she looked into his eyes. “It’s tonight. Just tonight. I have to start sometime, and I know you’d be good to me, you’ll know what to do to… help me. Just tonight. Please, Robin!”
Robin paused, feeling her body’s arousal (and his own), seeing her openness, her simple request.
But it’s never that simple.
For an answer, he took her hand and led her away from the main room. Down two corridors he found the room he was looking for, unlocked. It was rarely locked: it held only a meeting table and chairs, and a few couches at the back. He went for the couches.
He got two three-seater couches opposite each other, then pulled the cushions off them and filled the floor space between them, making a padded area about the size of a double bed. The couches stopped the cushions from separating. Kaisha was impressed.
“You’ve done this before!” She smiled.
“I may have!” he returned. He gave a shove here and there to check his workmanship.
Kaisha stood, rocking very slightly. She looked at the couch-bed, looked at Robin, took a swig of white wine then carefully put the bottle down.
Kaisha, if you’re not sure about this…”
As an answer, she stared at him, then lifted up her skirt, showing large, sensible black panties. Still looking at him, she slid them down and stepped out if them. She flicked off her shoes. She sat on the edge of the couch and swung her legs over in a surprisingly smooth motion. The effect was slightly spoilt by her losing her balance and sliding down into the bed with a whoosh.
Robin looked down at her as she arranged herself on the bed. She flicked up her skirt and spread her legs. He took in her small feet (still with socks on), her tapering calves, her pale, generous thighs meeting in a triangle of dark brown curly hairs. She spread her knees wide, put her fingers into her bush and crudely pulled her pussy lips wide open. The pink against the dark brown against the nearly-white surprised him.
Again he felt the contradiction. This girl was literally lying there waiting for him to enter her – part of him shouted c’mon man! She wants this!! But against this, he had a sense, this is not really what she wants, she’s making herself do this. The uncertain look on her face confirmed it. Fortunately the higher part of his mind won again.
Kaisha watched every action as he slowly stripped. He stepped into the couch-bed and gently closed her knees.
“Kaisha, OK just tonight, and no complications. But not so fast. You have to enjoy it too – I don’t want to take you in a rush and go.” He made himself cuddle her, and was rewarded by the feel of her snuggling into him, soft legs and tummy and breasts against his lean, slightly bony frame. He started to undo the buttons on her blouse.
Kaisha froze a second, then eagerly joined in, reaching around to undo her bra even while lying down. Big white breasts rolled out and settled themselves on her chest. Her nipples were almost the exact colour of her pale skin, the barest shade darker. Alec stroked and squeezed them. Kaisha watched his actions again, occasionally rolling her shoulders to show her approval.
Her nipples hardened to little hemispheres and he leant over and kissed and nibbled them lightly. She was getting into it more and now thrust them up for him, one then the other.
“That’s better!” Robin whispered. “Stay there.”

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