The Party Night – Season 1 [Episode 1]

One night after a concert Kaisha who is friends and also in the same band with Robin asked him to satisfy her sexual urge. This came as a shock to Robin. Find out what eventually happened in this erotic piece. Read and Enjoy.
Chapter one
So, let’s kiss!” Kaisha lunged for him after taking a big gulp from the wine bottle she was carrying. From the corner of his eye, he could see his two friends jump backwards with a yelp as she closed in.
Kaisha was buzzed and giddy. After their gig, they were all in a good mood. They had reached a state of ecstasy after an hour and a half of singing wonderful music in a concert hall and under the spotlight, with an orchestra contributing to the crowd on stage. There was a party after the gig, as was customary, with snacks and beverages, music, silly songs, drinks, and more drinks… it could have been a long night. Couples will also become very romantic after experiencing too much emotion on stage. Individuals, ex’s and not- yet’s, anyone who caught your eye weeks ago – everyone – always found themselves in roles and combinations that shocked both themselves and others.
He was tipsy too, excited by the euphoria after the concert, pleased with how well the concert had run, maybe feeling generous and expansive… for whatever reason he didn’t run away or push her off him. He let her kiss him. He thought, out of kindness, maybe also to shock and impress his mates – Kaisha was not considered worth “pursuing” by the lads in the choir. The two friends had made their opinion very clear just before!
She leant against him, arms on his shoulders, unfocused eyes looking into his face, her wine bottle tapping his back. He sensed a slight hesitation, an uncertainty, then she kissed him. It was wet and unsteady, her lips pushing too hard, inexperienced. She tasted of white wine.
She kept kissing, between hasty breaths. He noticed something build up in her. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her hands gripped him. Her soft, plump body suddenly pushed against him. As he put his arms around her waist he felt her legs against his, pushing, spreading? She tried to squeeze him harder.
He remembered another time, one evening, another party – not so charged as this after-concert one. Kaisha was in the habit of getting drunk quite quickly. Sometimes she got even more opinionated and loud, sometimes she got into intense conversations that didnt make much sense and had odd pauses in them. This time she was watching a couple on the couch. They were kissing passionately, stroking shoulders and each other’s backs. It wasn’t that unusual for what happened at parties, although far beyond Kaisha’s limits of acceptable behaviour. This time however, she watched intently, without judgement (he was sure). When the boy stroked his lover’s neck and she responded, or if a hand crept round a waist and explored the curves below, she took in every detail, as if she was observing something to learn from. Or perhaps he was just over-thinking it.
“Hey Robin, we’re going back to the party. You think you’ll be alright?” His friend, who had mocked at first, was not so rude now. He had sensed a change – they all had – and was now vaguely puzzled. The quick trip out to the toilets had become something much more for all of them. Robin guessed he was trying to be supportive, just in a very drunk way. Kaisha pushed harder.

He noticed then that his body was starting to respond to her. His arms were around her and his lips were answering hers, trying to soften her urgent kisses. What was going on? He let himself kiss her more. The friends disappeared.
Kaisha paused, then kissed harder, then paused, then kissed again. He managed to settle her slightly, so things were not so frantic. He could feel her body moving against him. He felt her legs, wrapped around his leg. Something hard was there – her pubic bone was up against him now. The realisation sent a surge through him. She gave a small, deep moan.
She paused again and tried to focus on his face. She pulled back slightly and took a drink from the wine bottle. Then she put her lips up to his ear.
“Robin, I want you to fuck me. Here. Tonight.”
Robin froze. Although his body was responding to her advances, his mind wasn’t. This changed things. He drew back to look at her.
“Kaisha, did you just say… what I think you said?”
She winced. “No. I don’t know – yes!” He could feel her steeling herself, forcing the words out. “All the people here… snoggin’ all the time, at rehearsals an’ all… the concert… the feelings at this party. I’m drunk but I’m standin’, and I’m thinkin’ still, and I’ll tell ye, I want ye to fuck me!” Her Irish accent became more pronounced as she drove on, so that she said an almost sweet, lilting “fock me” by the end of it.

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