Uncle Jide 18+ Only (Short Story)

By: Theo Ekah

He ordered me to always call his name whenever he made love to me on a high tempo.
He was twenty-eight and I was seventeen. A taboo you might think but it was erotic I swear.

He showed me all that I know now. He made me feel like a woman. To squirm, moan, and howl if possible. He was responsible for my mood and erotic need.

This man that year, was our neighbour from another village in another state.
I hadn’t realized that he took a liking to me when he first arrived. At first, I noticed that whenever I washed my clothes after school, he would lean on the rail opposite me sharing jokes or stories and watching me while I washed my clothes and sometimes.

At first, I was shy about him being around me since I tied a wrapper on my chest. For the first two times, he tried to start a conversation, I wasn’t satisfied with the way I did my laundry since I washed them in an awkward rush. My mother hardly complained about him coming close to me to chat because she liked him. He always brought foodstuff like rice and yam by the end of the month ever since he came into the neighbourhood.

‘But uncle Jide, don’t you have a wife and family?’ I had asked him severally since he lived alone.

‘My dear I am still looking for a quality wife you know…’

No, I don’t know oo’ I continued washing my uniforms. I was on my wrapper as usual without undies. I intended to have a cold bath after doing my laundry and take a nap before I studied for a test the next day in class.

“Uncle Jide, how is the city like? Do you like it here in this village?”

Uncle Jide was a corper posted to Nung Obong for his service year. He had a beautiful smile and an interesting way of talking about all the big things in the city. He excited and thrilled me whenever he mentioned things like the machine that washed clothes.

‘eehh… how can a machine wash my clothes? Uncle Jide, you can bobo gist me oo’ I said in my humble disbelief. He laughed because he knew better.

I was done rinsing my clothes and ready to spread them. I went towards the spreading line just in front of the fence, cleaned my wet palm. After rinsing my hands and stooped over to pick the first cloth to be hung. Lo and behold the most embarrassing thing happened to me. My wrapper which I tightly tucked around my chest loosely fell to my waist before I grabbed it.

‘Ye!’ I silently gasped in shock hoping that Uncle Jide wasn’t behind me to see my nakedness. ‘Ewo’ I thought. I quickly adjusted the wrapper and continued spreading the clothes like nothing happened when uncle Jide cleared his throat behind me.

‘Let me help you’.

I was feeling so weak and shy as he peered into my eyes as if to say that he was the only one who witnessed it.
We were done spreading and my mother wasn’t home yet. I made ready to have my bath in the shared bathroom for the compound which included Uncle Jide. While in there I thought Uncle Jide looked somehow when he assisted me. Why won’t he be anyway? I was hoping he saw my perky breast at least. In my sane mind, I was glad my mother wasn’t around. Lost in my thoughts, the movable wood which served as the door to the bathroom was shifted.

I wanted to scream when Uncle Jide made himself known.

“your mother came back. She said she must go back to the market since she forgot some items she would have included on the list. I thought I should keep you company for a while”.

He was on boxers and I could see his erect penis. In between my legs felt warm. I felt fear and excitement. I couldn’t speak. He touched me and I touched him. We finished and he invited me to his room. I must confess I enjoyed what he did to me. Our escapades lasted few months until the moment he told me that his service year was ended and he had to go back to his family.

The day I came back from school and found out he was gone, I was devastated and ever since, I haven’t found anyone like Uncle Jide who would satisfy me the way he did.


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