My Heart – Season 1 [Episode 4] +18 Only

My heart

Episode 4

Like they were on queue,her cousins had all gotten a taste of her,they rape her at free will and made her suck their di.cks,she gets the beaten of her life anytime she refuses to do their bidding..

Morounkeji took the courage and told her uncle’s wife,but it was from kerosene to petrol. She never believed her,her punishment doubled,and the rape increased. She has lost count of how many times her cousins had given her drugs to use after raping her.

She confided in her female cousing who was a year older than her,but she has only called her a lying prostitute. She accepted fate,and that has been her life ever since.

Morounkeji took a look at her wide slack virgina and fallen breast,which was supposed to be her private part,but she couldn’t address it that way anymore..the bruises and scars on her skin were deep and wide,but no matter what,she still looks pretty,she smiled as she silently cried…she was nothing but an empty worn out vessel.

She was brought back to life by the pounding on her locked was Shade her cousin… “Keji! Come out of that room right now I am starving,don’t let me come back here to call on you,else you will hate yourself”

It had become a normal thing to her,anytime she refuses,she gets beaten up with no food for a day.. Today was different,they will never see her again.

Morounkeji picked up her dress,put it on and walked back to her well laid bed. She picked the rat poison from her bed side table,scribbled something in her diary with tears blurring her sight.. It was time to end it all..Morounkeji took a last look at her room,opened the bottle in her hand,it was the rat poison her uncle’s wife had bought to kill the rats,but she needed it more than those rodents.

She said her last prayers as she emptied the contents into her mouth. Morounkeji laid straight on her bed as she silently writh i pain..she was going..she was happy it will end soon..her eyes closed as she journeyed to the land of no return..she can’t wait to meet her parents.. It was all she wanted…






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