My Heart – Season 1 [Episode 3] +18 Only

My heart

Episode 3

Morounkeji couldn’t bear the pain the slap caused her,it made her go on her knees caressing her cheeks,what more? Her grandma spoke to her with venom in her voice,she was called a witch by her supposed grandma,her words were too much for her fragile young heart, she ran to her room but could still hear her grandma rant. “You good for nothing bastard! You will still die like your barren mother and leave my son!”

Days passed with no sign of her father,no one said anything to her,but the house was filled with her father’s family. She had seen them crying and ignoring her,all thanks to the maid,she would have starved to death.. Morounkeji couldn’t take the silence anymore,and so,she went to where they all sat and asked “please where is my father! I want to see him” it took forever until her favourite aunt hugged her and whispered to her..”darling,daddy is dead,he had an accident the day he left”.. Those words were enough to make her die,but she didn’t..she felt like she was in the air flying..and when she opened her eyes,she was in the hospital,several pairs of eyes starred down at her..

“Thank God! She is awake,just let her rest please,the news is too much for her” Those were the doctor’s words as he looked at her with concern and pity written all over his face.

Promises came from every corner to carter for her,days passed..weeks passed..and after 3 months..the promises had all faded away.. She was only 7 years and a haf..but she understood everything..

Mr Johnson’s younger brother had taken up his brother’s house and other properties..claiming to help manage it until Morounkeji is of age.. He lived in the house with his family,promising to take care of Morounkeji as his own daughter.. The maid was gone,Morounkeji had no one else,for her maternal grandmother had died few months after her mother’s death, her wonderful grandma couldn’t bear the loss.. Morounkeji had to live with her uncle and his family.. Putting up with his children of two boys and a girl was frustrating,that was the beginning of her troubles..

Back to present… Morounkeji stood up and went to the standing mirror,unclad herself and examined her used body…she wept the more and cursed the day she was born..

She had become the family’s toy,she did all the chores,washed her cousin’s clothes,made the meals and leave for school late… This had of cause affected her education. She worked day and night to please her uncle’s wife,yet she feeds like a beggar.

The only privilege she had was retaining her room.

As if that was not enough. She lost her virginity to her uncle,and ever since,she had become his sex machine.. She screamed as she remembered the first day he raped her,she was only eleven years..his manhood was too big for her tiny virgina,yet he forced his way in and threatened to kill her if she say a thing to anyone. Who would believe her anyway?

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