My Heart – Season 1 [Episode 2] +18 Only

My heart

Episode 2

Two years after the death of the beloved,Morounkeji was in her room studying when she heard noises coming from the sitting room..being an inquisitive girl,she hurried to where the noise was coming from and saw her father and paternal grandma shouting at each other.. She didn’t hear it all,but she picked a few of their arguments… “You must get a new wife! Do you want to remain barren for life?! Mrs Johnson screamed.

“But mother! I have ‘Keji with me, I am not barren”

Mrs Johnson scoffed. Oh! You call that good for nothing bad luck a child? You must be joking, you had better find a wife and give me grandchildren, i mean grandsons! Or i will disown you..

Morounkeji felt the tears running down her cheeks as she heard her father say.. “Mother, i will do no such thing,go ahead and disown me”… Those were the last words she heard her father speak,as he picked his car keys and left the house,still not obvious of Keji in the sitting room.

Morounkeji watched her father leave the house,frustration written all over his face,he was hurting so much and she wished to help… If only she knew she will never see her lovely father again,she would have followed him too.. She looked so long at the closed door until she heard a thundering slap on her fleshy cheek, it was her grandma standing before her and looking down at her with disdain and hatred. Her grandmother had never loved her mother and she passed the hatred to her because she was a girl…. Was it her fault???

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