Story: Alone At Home – Season 1 [Episode 5]

Abraham planted a kiss on her neck, and pulled the shoulders of her dress down so that both of her breasts were out.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about having sex with you,” Abraham finally broke it out to her. “About what we would have done the last time we were together in the bathroom…”

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“yeah, you are right”

He ran his fingers up her ass and the small of her back to her dress zipper. The dress peeled apart and fell to rest on her wide hops. Sera started to turn towards him, letting go of the whisk. Abraham grabbed her shoulder -a little harder than he meant to- and turned her back to the stove.

He first apologized, taking his hand off her shoulder. She grabbed his hand and guided it down her back, ass, and between her legs. Then she continued stirring. Abraham blushed, but began running his fingers along her panty lines. Sera bent forward a little, and spread her legs wider.

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Abraham began gently massaging her warm pussy through her underwear, he was making it slow, trying to make her reach her climax. The crotch of her panties felt slightly damp already, sliding against her skin as he pressed them gently into her, against her clitoris, her ass. She moaned slightly, but kept slowly stirring the thickening cream on the stove.

Sera bent more sharply over the stove, enabling Abraham to run his fingers just under her panties, against her lips. He felt that she was shaved. He pushed the crotch to the side, and dipped his index finger just inside her, getting it wet.

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Sera reached behind her with her left hand, and began rubbing Abraham’s cock through his pants, up and down, slowly. Abraham helped her unzip them and pull his penis out of the hole in his boxers. Her hand gripped it firmly, stroking its entire length until it was fully erect and red.

Abraham moaned into her ear as she brushed the head of it against her moist vagina, letting him just feel her insides. Abraham gasped, his entire body tingling, his cock throbbing hard against her, she was enjoying every of his dick inside her. With one hand he grabbed the base of his penis and moved the head in small circles just between the swelling lips of her pussy. With the other hand he grabbed her wide hips as she rocked forward and back, pushing him deeper into her. Mhen! She is really an expert at this.

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“Oh fuck,” Sera gasped. Abraham gasped as he filled her, as if all the sensation in his body was concentrated into his cock. She’s really tight, was what he thought until he realized that she was pulling him into her body with her vaginal muscles. Her hand stopped stirring the custard, which was thick and nearly solid. She grabbed the side of the stove, it looks like his cock has started having his effect on her, it’s just a game start.

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