Story: Alone At Home – Season 1 [Episode 4]

Abraham hacked away the cantaloupes, strawberries, grapes and cherries before the song was over. He put all the fruit in a bowl and rinsed his hands before walking over the Sera.

“How’s the custard coming along?” He asked in a casual way.

“My hand’s getting tired. It looks delicious though,”

Okay, Abraham, it’s time for your big move.

Abraham felt impressed and dipped his finger in the bowl and offered it to Sera to taste. With almost no hesitation, she took his finger in her mouth and sucked it off, swirling her tongue around it until it was clean.

“It’s good,” she said, looking him in the eye. Abraham looked down to see she had stopped stirring. He put his hand on hers and moved the whisk around.

“Don’t stop, or the custard won’t come out,” he stepped closes behind her so that his hard penis was brushing against her ass. She groaned, lightly. Abraham reached over to the stereo and restarted Black Dog. Sera smiled. Abraham held her hand more firmly, and kept stirring the custard, shewas pretty good at that. Sera slowly grinding into him.

You must like this song a lot,” Sera said over her shoulder, smiling at Abraham. Abraham leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. When the instrumentals kicked in, she dug her ass into him. He knew she could feel his erection pressing between her cheeks through her thin dress. He grinded into her.

“Don’t stop stirring,” he took his hand away from hers and she kept at it, slowly. He ran his fingers up her arm and to the back of her neck. He gently massaged the base of her neck with his right hand and brought his left up to her breast (this could be the start). Sera breathed out.

“You must think I’m real easy,” she said.

“No, I just think I’m really lucky,” Abraham said. Sera was impressed at the perfect response.

“Do you remember when we danced at last?”

“Of course, how could I forget that? I remember that you weren’t wearing any pants.”

She laughed.

“No I wasn’t. My panties were destroyed when I got back to my room.”

Abraham pulled her bra down and brushed her nipple with his hand.

“They were soaked through. If the party hadn’t been broken up right then, I would have cum on your leg.”

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