Story: Alone At Home – Season 1 [Episode 3]

They all discussed serious issues, discussions on pleasure too, while Martin is also busy making them laugh. They talked about summer plans, college plans, movies, what music to play on the stereo, cooking, their respective sex lives. This discussion went for a long time until Anita realized that they had forgotten to buy wine for the meal.

After some playful arguing it was decided that as Martin was the only one with a fake ID, and Anita was the only one who knew anything about wine, that they would go together and leave the desert preparation to Sera and Abraham, this decision made Abraham so happy and fully ready.

When the lovers were finished putting on their shoes and saying goodbye, Sera looked up from her chopped spinach and smiled to Anita.

“See you later, girl.”

When she was done with the spinach, Abraham asked her if she would cook the custard, which pretty much just involved stirring egg yolk, sugar and cream on the stove for nearly an hour. They agreed to switch off stirring shifts every ten minutes.

Sera stood at the stove first, stirring a pot of runny yellow custard while Abraham cut fruit at the counter. He wanted to chat with her about random life shit, but knew they had nothing to say to each other. They wanted to fuck.

He knew that he could either make a move now or never, and if he didn’t she would make a move later. This is no time for insecurities, he told himself, pushing his large knife through a cantaloupe. He glanced over his shoulder and started analyzing every part of her. Damn! “Sera is so beautiful” he said this with a low voice, not wanting her to notice.

Sera was stirring the custard with her right hand, and flipping through the iPod on the counter. He watched her place it back in the speaker dock and press play.

He recognized the muted guitar that was being played, which is that of a famous young man, and his breath got caught in his windpipe. Sera didn’t look in his direction as she began slowly gyrating her hips smoothly to the rhythm of the song.

A guy in his position couldn’t ask for a much more blatant invitation, he thought. He started getting hard, thinking about what he might do to her in the next few minutes, but played it cool. He was going to finish cutting all of the fruit before he approached her. But he was going to do it fast, before his friends came back, which would have been the worst.

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