Story: Alone At Home – Season 1 [Episode 2]

Abraham smiled on seeing Sera’s new gesture, suddenly shy. He could feel his penis getting hard against his leg. While Martin and Anita flirted, Abraham watched Sera slowly hook her hand under her thigh and cautiously touch her pussy through her underwear. Her gaze hardly moved from the neighboring yard, and her body stayed in a relaxed, slouched position as her fingers teased her panty-line, just barely exposing a shaved lips. Abraham wanted to fuck her right there, God! He hate to hate to be patient for so long, but he also must be very careful in making his moves, and he can’t just behave anyhow in front of their friends.

Abraham wanted to push her onto the grass and spread her legs and tongue-fuck her until she came. He wanted to feel her hot insides tightening around his cock as he thrust into her body.

Sera slowly slid an index finger into herself, and looked Abraham directly in the eyes. As he stared back at her, she slowly brought the finger up to her mouth, sucked it in and pulled it out slowly, trying to intimidate him which was already looking obvious. He was still on his sit, opening his mouth wide like he was the one sucking the juices. She won’t kill him, that’s something Abraham knows for sure, and whether she likes it or not, he is going to have her soon.

“Whoa! What’s going on over here, guys?” Martin asked. Abraham gasped, and looked up innocently. Sera played it entirely cool; she didn’t even cross her legs.

“Oh, I’m sorry Martin, was I not listening to you telling your funny story closely enough?”

“Ouch,” Martin faked hurt. “Well I’ll think of a funnier one for next time, but right now…” he clumsily got off of his girlfriend’s lap, Abraham felt jealous because he should have also sat on Sera’s laps by now or even do more.

“We have to go prepare dinner.” Martin didn’t want to stand up right away since he was completely hard, but he figured no one but Sera would be looking. He stood, hunched a little, and followed his three friends inside.

Martin was on his work duty. Anita handed him a small knife and bowl of cherries to seed. Anita and Martin were working on battering and frying cod fish fillets. Sera was pouring rice into a steamer, and cutting up spinach to sauté. It was a very great moment and they are all enjoying it to the fullest.

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