Story: Alone At Home – Season 1 [Episode 1]

Written by: Akinola Quinn
Prologue: Abraham has been longing to make out with Sera, but Sera didn’t want to sell herself cheap. They were looking for the best moment to make contact which they didn’t find due to the fact that their friend, Martin and Anita we’re also enjoying their time. When Anita and Martin decided to go outing, they left Abraham and Sera to prepare them custard, and they were so happy they finally go their moment they have been wanting.

Episode 1

Abraham opened his eyes, it was morning and the sun was shinning. I saw Martin and Anita talking, both of them have been lovers for quite awhile and I noticed him explaining a story loudly to his girlfriend, Anita.

Martin was lounging awkwardly on her entire body. He tried not to watch them too much, they were kissing each other’s necks and play-biting. He also tried to avoid staring too blatantly at the other girl leaned against a tree next to him, the girl was very pretty and chubby, she looked so attractive to him, but he didn’t want to cause many distraction.

Her name was Sera, and it was all Abraham could do to not turn his head to see up her skirt whenever she shifted her legs.

Abraham and Sera had met in school two weeks before summer vacation started. He had danced with her at a small basement party, and she gave him sips from a bottle of rum.

When he nearly coughed the second one up, she laughed (in a friendly way, thankfully), and told him to find her for a dance after he got it under control. She walked back into the crowd, shifting her hips to the music. She is a pretty good dancer, and everyone loved her for that.

When the blues cover band played a completely drunken cover of Black Dog, she turned to him and slung her right arm over his shoulder, rubbing his neck. He placed his hand on her waist and pulled her close enough to feel the heat from between legs on his.

Sera circled her hips hard into him, and Abraham looked down to see that she was wearing a short skirt. He could feel her warm thighs through his thin pant leg. She dug her hips and crotch into him. Watching her face as she swayed and danced against him, he thought she must be the most beautiful girl he’d ever met. It’s obvious he really like her, what he felt for her is either lust or love….. this is what is left for him to decide.

The party was going on smoothly, everyone is feeling happy until the cops crashed everything and everyone started finding their way, and Abraham hadn’t had the chance to see her alone for the rest of the school-year.

When Martin invited the both of them to stay with him and his loving girlfriend, he could hardly hide his excitement. Lying in Martin’s back yard, eyeing Sera’s long legs up and dangerously close to her underwear, Abraham wondered if she was thinking the same things he was, he doesn’t know how to make the move. She might slam him, but he wasn’t so sure and he had to try.

He wanted to lean over to her and kiss her legs and up to her breasts while the couple next to him watched. He thought about pulling her panties off with his teeth; about licking her from her ankles to her vagina. He wondered if she had shaved before coming to Martin’s.

Abraham glanced at Sera’s face, and when their eye met, he knew that she had seen him analyzing her for minutes, she kept quite watching him, maybe observing, but he didn’t notice. He was embarrassed, and looked back to Martin and Anita, obliviously kissing and laughing with each other.

He steered back at Sera, he started regretting his actions for not being patient about wanting her to be his alone. He figured she would just ignore him, and continue gazing off into the neighbor’s yard and pretend to not listen to the love birds next to them. Sera was staring off into space, but she slowly leaned back. She spread her legs a little, giving Abraham a full view of her purple and black-striped panties.

This was an aid, it was a proof to Abraham that she is ready, Sera doesn’t really like pre-mature guys, but she noticed how Abraham is desperate to have her, which she is willing to help. What is left for Abraham is to make his move as Sera can get disinterested at any time again.

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