UTME: Reasons Why Student Don’t Pass Jamb And Gain Admission into University

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board also know as JAMB is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary level institution. Every prospective Nigerian students seeking admission in any university must sit for the examination which is usually conducted by the board before such person can be offered or admitted into any university.

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The following contribute to the reasons why some students don’t gain admission even after several attempt:

1. NOT MAKING ADEQUATE RESEARCH: A lot of Nigerian students think and believes that gaining admission is just sitting for jamb exams and waiting to be offered admission without further researches on resources which will fasten your chances of being admitted.things you can research on include the following;checking out the numbers of people that apply for your preferred course,the statistics of the people that failed and passed jamb in your preferred course e.t.c.

2. NOT RESEARCHING ON UNIVERSITY REQUIREMENT: This is just another reason why people don’t gain admission , a lot of people know not about the requirement of the university they are applying for, whether they have preferential treatment for indigen and non indigen or not. NOTE. every university have their standard and requirement

3. NOT RESEARCHING ON THE REQUIREMENT OF THE COURSE YOU ARE APPLYING FOR: Not researching on the course you are applying for is another reason people don’t gain admission after several attempt, researching on your proffered course not only help you to know more about the course you want to apply for but also help you to know the requirement of that particular course (i.e it enables you to know the score you must obtain before you can be offered admission into that particular course, if they accept D7 in mathematics in preferred course like the case of mine.Also NOTE. every university have their standard, so make sure to check it out.


4. NOT SCORING HIGH: Not scoring high suppose to have come first in my list but i abandoned that due to the fact that most people of course know that without having a high score the percentage of you gaining admission drop, so you must score high in other to be on a higher percentage of being admitted into the university of your choice.

NOTE. even if you practice 1,2,3 on my list without scoring high, you will still not be admitted,so scoring high is very very important. Click here Click Here To See Gidiclass 2020 Jamb Utme Subscribers Result

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