Mr Fuucker – Season 1 [Episode 5] 18+ Only

Episode 5

This my resident made me high, now I needed to bang someone, SERIOUSLY!!! Fast forward and I was on call again…. Coincidentally, Tonia had to do double shift and cause her colleague was down….. So we were together, chatting, gisting about lots of stuff….. As I was looking at her, I saw that she was seriously in the mood, she just looked dazed and had nothing in her mind other than to bang me…. I excused myself and entered the call room….

After fifteen minutes, there was a knock on the door, I opened and she was there…. I allowed her in and asked “why do u like disturbing me”.. And she answered with a sexy cat eye ” maybe you like to be disturbed” Within seconds we started kissing, and with the look of things, she didn’t want any pre- intimacy, she wanted the koko……

I just turned her to face the wall, flipped up her white uniform and…… That giant arrrse was jut smiling at me… I trusted it up, slid in the merchandize, and started firing She was begging me to give it to her, and I made sure I gave her HARD!!!! And she didn’t hesitate to give me ring tones and caller tunes…. “Oooh oooh oh yeah yeah yeah, aah aah aah, oh yeah, oh yeah” I was just looking at nothing but her big fat arssse, that yansh was the bone of contention, i t was just bouncing as I was thrusting, jiggling as I was juggling, seeing the contours on the gluteus maximus as I was hitting my groin made my prick harder, and she enjoyed it…..

And there was an explosion, as she had an orgasm so strong, I felt the vûlvâ contract significantly…. As usual, I still wasn’t satisfied, because I was seriously feeling the big arrse, I was literally feeling it, and it gave me more tempo…. I knew she was tired, but I was the man, I held her waist, increased the tempo, and she looked at me, kissed me passionately, and shot up the butt in the right position for more…. I couldn’t take it any longer, I lifted one leg up and started giving her fro the side…..

This babe has a giant arrrrssse meeeehn, na the real UKWU be dat…. I kept on hitting on and on and on….. And we both came together….. After some seconds, she rolled her uniform down, adjusted that white thingy on her head, and left me and my flaccid dîck in the room. She even forgot to shut the door…. And since that day, that ugly nurse with the big arrse didn’t talk to me again….. I started wondering; did I do anything wrong? Didn’t I get it right?? Or she was just being immature Anyway….. Three weeks went down the drain, and I was posted to the labour ward….

And the registrar tripping for me was there….. She never hesitated to make advances and passes at me, and it was only me, none of the other male houseboys tickled her fancy more than I did…. And hey, I wasn’t that handsome, or muscular, or the “superman” kinda guy….

But one day, she told me to monitor a patient in labour, and as I was doing the vàginal examination….. She stroked my butt!!!! I was seriously dumbfounded!!! “Doc, how far, how are the contractions” as she smiled at me…. “Errrrmm, its errrrmmm, three in two, I mean, three in ten minutes” as I stammered…..

Watch out for part 2

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