Mr Fuucker – Season 1 [Episode 4] 18+ Only

Episode 4

The next day was a bit uneventful….. We quickly finished ward round, so I decided to chill a bit in the doctors call room As I was watching CNN, and browsing nairaland home page…. *knock knock* I opened the door, and yep, na that nurse…. “Hello Tonia, how may I help you” Yes doc, please I want you to see this patient, I don’t know if she is bleeding or its just lochia…. I checked the vàgîna, and it was lochia…. “Sister, this thing is pale-colored, so its lochia, no need to worry….” “Thanks doc” I was back in the room, watching CNN….

*knock knock* Wetin happen nah…. I opened, and she was there again….. “Tonia, hope no problem” “Please this patients dressing is dirty” “Ehhhn, change it nah” I scoffed…. “Okay, I will change it, let me go and change it” as she looked so clueless…. And after five minutes…. *knock knock* TONIA, WHAT IS IT AGAIN!!! I opened the door, and I saw one of my registrars….. Oh, I’m so sorry ma….. She is Dr Dara, a registrar in obstetrics and gynecology, she is drop-dead gorgeous, with massive standing bôobs and a gigantic arrse to match…..

And she is married….. “Hmmm, who is Tonia, one of those ladies you are busy doing vagînal examinations on abi” “No ma, I’m a saint” (for my dirty mind) “Hmmm, saint kee” We sat down on the bed together…. “Doc, what about what we discussed last time” This milf wanted me to fvck her, but I haven’t given the greenlight cos she was married. Well, the husband was out of the country, but the wedding ring on her finger gives it away… “Eerrrr, ma I ” “Shhhh, dear don’t ma me again, I’m as young as I can be, and I need to be a woman again, I haven’t been banged for four bloody months, and I’m tired of mastûrbàting….” She kissed me on the cheek, and gave me the address to meet her this night….

And as she stroked my crotch “I’ll be waiting” were the next words that made my Jimmy stand at attention….. I had mixed feelings since then: a married woman, my oga, I’m in soup, no joor, shebi na she wan FVCK me, make I give am joor.

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