Mr Fuucker – Season 1 [Episode 3] 18+ Only

Episode 3

And she had another orgasm…. But I wasn’t done yet…. I held her tiny waist, while seeing our shadows and seeing the image of her massive bôobs jangling over from under… I kept on hitting harder,harder and harder…… And that was it…. Hot jets of seemen were shooting out of my erect dîck…. And she laid down with her arrese in the air….

I pulled out the condom I was wearing, tied it and burned it on the stove…. While I heard splashes of water in the bathroom….. I walked back into the room and saw her dressing up, she looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back. She walked up to me and kissed me, and said “thanks for making me feel like a woman again” “My pleasure, anytime” I escorted her to the gate and paid for her okada fare…. And while I was walking back….. “Doctor”..

I looked up and it was that not-too-fine nurse again It was that ugly nurse again, just that this time, she was in her casual wear…. She wore a top revealing her cleavage (wetin dey dere before) that showed her below- average moin moin slippers of bosoms…. “How was work today” she asked “Good, thanks” was wondering why the familiarity now…. “I’m sorry about the way I shunned you today” “It’s alright, I’m used to it” She laughed a bit “anyway nice meeting ya, I’m Tonia…” “I’m lagusta” “Okay, we see later then, takia” and she catwalked away from me….

And that was when I remembered Nicki minaj’s single where she said ‘oh my gosh, look at her butt’ As in, you guys had to see the massive behind, and she was wearing pant trousers, not jeans, so the contours were imminent…. And with the way it was jiggling, jangling and bubbling, you’ll know that this arrrsssee was grabbable and massage able….. My Jimmy was up, and dancing shoki…. I went back to the room, I had to strategize, I MUST FVCK THIS NURSE!!!!

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