Mr Fuucker – Season 1 [Episode 2] 18+ Only

Episode 2

I invited her to the house officers quarters… . It’ s a two- room self contained with kitchen and bathroom, with AC in both rooms… . I swithced on African magic for her (na wetin ladies like be dat ) poured a bit of campari for her , and we started chatting about school , medical career , and SEX!!! I asked “ do you have a boyfriend ” “No sir ” “Remember I told you not to call me ” sir ”
“Oh , sorry ” But why don’t you have a boyfriend” “Nothing ” “Can I be your boyfriend ” I looked at her straight in the eye … . She turned away her face, I pulled it back , I could hear her heart pounding hard, and she held my neck and we kissed with passion… .

As we were kissing, and as a no- dulling guy, I found way onto those massive bôobs… Damn they were huge , like giant watermelons… . My Jimmy was nodding under… . This babe was sharp , she wanted to be bleeped, she unzipped and grabbed the Jim and played with it , like a joystick … . I pulled up her top , used two fingers to remove her bra … . “Hmm doc you are an expert” Yeah baby … . Were the words that dropped out of my mouth… . But those bôobs were so big , round, soft, and yep, still erect , not saggy at all… . .

I slipped my fingers onto her wet, warm pucci and started manipulation her … . And she moaned and groaned with the rhythm. I carried her up , lifted her onto the bed pulled down her jeggings … . And I went down, and Licked her kity like yoghurt… . “Oh yeah , doc oooh my … Oooh oooh ueahhh” Seeing that she was ready, I slipped in the john Thomas, and rocked her boat slowly , using my crotch to gring her clit , and with each thrust, she shrieked like a baby crying for milk… . Then I started pounding her , harder and harder… . “Oh , yeah baby, yeah baby , yeah yeah ”

Now she was calling me baby , from sir to baby, hmmm I remembered I hadn ’t sucked those heavy endowments, so I reached for one, and gulped the Tip into my mouth , and used my tongue to make her scream more While using one of my hands to play with the second bosom … . And she was enjoying it … .. And she couldn ’t take it any more …. And she had an orgasm ……. But she wasn’ t done yet , she wanted more . She pushed me away, and turned back… Her black arrrrssse was the bomb!!! I fired her from behind ( oh, how I love the k9 style ) and she was moaning like a canine… . .

I first held her shoulders , then I became nasty and I pulled on her braids, while still firing her pushy from behind … And I was playing with her clit with my fingers , all at once … . And she was now literally crying… ..

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