WAEC 2020 Agric Practical Questions And Answers

waec 2020 agric practical questions and answers
waec 2020 agric practical questions and answers

Agric practical

Agric practical

-Specimen A-
(i)To shape soil
(ii)To remove weeds
(iii)To clear soil
(iv)For harvesting root crops

-Specimen B-
(i)It is use for prying
(ii)It is use for breaking up hard ground or rock.

(i)Circus fruits

(ii)Hemostat forceps
(iii)Artery forceps

(i)Sharpen tool before and after use.
(ii)Oil or grease metal parts.
(ii)Dry tools after use
(iv)Keep them in cool dry place.

It is to test soil texture

(i)Hydrogen peroxide
(ii)Measuring cylinder
(iii)Soil sample (sand, loam soil)

(i)A few sample of the soil is placed in measuring cylinder.
(ii)Some amount of water containing hydrogen peroxide to it.
(iii)The moisture is saking vigorously by stirring rod and allow to settle for some hours.

(i)It contain humus
(ii)It contain grains particles (sand)
(iii)It contains powered particles

cyanide (HCN)

(i)By boiling
(ii)By fermentation
(iii)By sun dry
(iv)By steaming

-Specimen I-
(i)It is consumed as food
(ii)It is used for medical purpose as an antioxidant and equally has antiinflammatory properties

-specimen J
(i)It is used as antioxidant
(ii)It is used in treatment of convulsion

(ii)eel worm
(iii)Grasshopper – thrips
(iv)Cricket – maggot


(i)They do not feed on each other
(ii)They have the same growth
(iii)They feed on similar foods and have the same living habitat

(i)Cast net
(ii)Gill net
(iii)Hook and line
(iv)Fish trap


(i)It seal pores
(ii)It present water loss
(iii)It encourage the growth f plantation
(iv)It reduce acidify of pond


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