Nabteb 2018 Physics Practical Answers Now Available Here – May/June



S/n: 1,2,3,4,5,6
d^-1(cm^-1): 0.0337,0.0370,0.0410,0.0444,0.0483,0.0578

(i) I ensured that the masses are suspended at the same point on the metre rule

(ii) I ensured that the metre rule was balanced before taking reading.

(iii) I ensured that error due to parallax is avoided while reading on the metre rule

(iv) I ensured that the experiment is carried out on a smooth and flat surface.



1-The resultant force must be zero.
2- The sum of upward forces must be equal to the sum of the downward forces.


E.m.f of accumulator = 3v

s/n: 1,2,3,4,5
AB(cm): 15.00,25.00,35.00,45.00,55.00
X(cm): 49.80,44.90,39.80,34.80,29.70
Y(cm): 50.20,55.10,60.20,65.20,70.30
R: 2.016,2.454,3.025,3.747,4.734

(i) I ensured that the key was opened while reading is not taking.

(II) I ensured that the electrical wires were connected to the terminal tightly.

(iii) I ensured that error due to parallax is avoided when taking reading on the galvanometer.

Electromotive force is the energy provided by a cell per Coulomb of charge passing through it. It is measured in volts. It is equal to the potential differences across the terminal of the cell when no current is flowing.
Loss volts is the difference in the E. M. F of a cell and the potential difference when a resistor is connected to it.
Lost volt = Ir

1 – Temperature
2 – Length
3 – Cross Sectional Area

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